Thoughts from Work

Keep in mind that I work eight to twelve hour shifts.  I do not always have things to do while I am at work, so I might have plenty of time to think and observe.

I noticed a couple things in the news that I thought were worth mentioning my thoughts.

There are several cities considering laws against baggy pants, if such laws have not already been implemented.  The penalties for breaking such a law varies from city to city.  I read about a couple that had penalties of up to six months and jail and a $500 fine.  Others had community service or something else.  I remember watching as the baggy pants trend became popular in middle school and high school.  I never understood why.  I do not see what is so appealing about having pants so big, they almost fall off while the person wearing them is walking.  And that is not even touching the issue of the boxers or underwear being exposed.  I thought it made people look stupid.

There was another news story about how indictments or charges had been dropped in the alcohol poisoning death of an 18-year-old college student.  The dean of students and the university's director of Greek life were among those indicted.  I believe the death was considered to be related to hazing since the student was at a fraternity pledge party when he started drinking.  Okay, I will issue a fair warning.  Some might not agree with some of the stuff I am about to say.  I can accept that.  This is my blog, and I am going to say it, though.  First off, why was the dean of students and the director among those indicted? I do not see how they could have prevented the party from taking place.  I do not see how they could have stopped something that occurred outside the classroom.  It was the students that decided to have the party, provide alcohol to everyone (including minors), and drink irresponsibly.  The student should not have broken the law by drinking underage.  And I do not give a damn about the peer pressure argument.  I do not see that as a valid argument.  Since he decided to drink, he should have made sure to drink responsibly.  He did not, as evidenced by his .426 BAC.  There should have been someone there that could stop people from drinking too much.  There was no such person.  I am sorry the student died, but I do not fault the school.  I fault the students that organized the party, provided the alcohol, and drank irresponsibly.  Maybe that is the cop in me coming out.  It does not matter.  That is my opinion of the whole thing.

And no, I did not drink underage.  My first duty station was in England.  England's legal drinking age is 18.  I was perfectly legal to drink while I was stationed over there.  No, I did not drink irresponsibly.  In fact, I did not drink that much at all.  I saw too many people get in trouble.  I came home on leave once during my tour in England.  I did not drink then.  I PCS'd to Oklahoma a month before my 21st birthday.  I had no trouble waiting a month to have a drink legally.  My rank and reputation are worth a lot more than an alcoholic beverage.

Those were the main things I considered as I sat on post last night and this morning.  Not a whole lot happened.  I saw a praying mantis as I walked into one of the buildings to use the restroom.  I had never seen one before.  It looked fairly young.  It was just sitting there in the middle of the parking lot.  I nearly ran it over with my patrol car when I came into the parking lot.

There was an elderly gentleman that showed up at one of the installation gates.  He had driven from Texas, and some where along the way, had "received" a message telling him to come to the base and talk to the base commander about a top secret mission from God.  The base cops asked him if he happened to have any prescriptions.  He had two, but he had not taken any of it.  He said that was because he knew they would not believe him and might have him tested for drugs.  These drugs were for mental health issues.  I hope the man got the help he needed.  Every so often, we have an individual show up at one of the gates in Oklahoma.  The last one was talking of how the VA was trying to poison him and kill him.  I had woman a few months before that tell me she was in the witness protection program because her father was a mobster, who was wanted for murder, and was trying to kill her.  It is usually a case of them not taking certain medications they should be taking.

So, that is pretty much what my thoughts during the shift consisted of.  I got back in contact with a guy I knew from England.  He was a pretty interesting guy, so I am pretty happy that he wrote back.  Maybe I will be able to get back in touch with some of the other guys I knew in England.  That would be cool.

We are still not sure when we are going back to Oklahoma.  We are waiting for something to get fixed.  I am not even sure what.  I just know it is going to take a few hours to fix, and the maintenance guys had not even showed up to start working when I was relieved.  This was after I spent nearly an hour talking with my team member and two cops stationed here in Florida.  I am hoping for either this evening, or tomorrow morning.  We shall see.  More to come.

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I am an Air Force veteran. I served as a Security Forces troop for nearly seven years and reached the rank of Staff Sergeant before separating in 2008. My tours of duty were in England and Oklahoma. I live in the Seattle area, which is where I grew up. I used my GI Bill and earned a degree from the University of Washington. I currently work in downtown Seattle and experience all the adventure that comes with that.
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