Thoughts (Part Five)

It has been a while since I last posted my thoughts on things I find interesting in the news.

I was wandering through when I found an article about 'Roe vs. Wade for Men' being rejected by a federal appeals court.  Apparently, a man in Michigan argued that if a woman could chose among abortion, adoption, or raising a child, then a man involved in an unintended pregnancy should be able to decline the financial responsibilities of fatherhood.  The man also argued that paternity laws in Michigan violates the U.S. Constitution equal protection clause because it does not extend reproductive rights to men.  Okay.  First, if people do not use some form of protection while sharing intimacies, then they should not be surprised at the possibility of a pregnancy.  Granted, according to the article, the woman involved told this man she could not get pregnant due to a medical problem.  I will not assume she lied to the man, but the man should have taken precautions just in case.  Second, if the woman decides to keep and raise the baby, and she is responsible and capable of properly caring for the baby, then I believe the baby's father should provide some support for the child.  This support should be within the man's financial means, of course.  I believe both parents should be held responsible for the child.  This means that the father should be involved in the child's life, whether he planned to have a child or not.  Of course, this would mean that the parents need to have a somewhat decent relationship, if for nothing else but the sake of the child.  It takes two to have a child.  It should take two to raise the child.

Another interesting article I found was about a grave robber in New Hampshire.  The body of a woman who died in 1821 was stolen from her grave on Halloween.  Investigators are investigating all angles of the grave robbery, including that of witchcraft.  They say it appeared too neat for a grave robber interested in looting the grave of any valuables (jewelry).  The article even added a tidbit about some people believe that if a skull is taken on Halloween, it will grant powers to the one who holds it.  I found it interesting because I do not see articles about grave robbers or witchcraft too often.  I wonder if the article hold any truth.

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