Thoughts (Part Eight)

There have been many different articles that have caught my attention in the news recently.  As I try to update this more frequently, as noticed by the numerous posts made today already, I will likely comment on the articles that draw my attention for whatever reason.

The first is about a Catholic priest in South Carolina who wants his church members to do penance if they voted for Obama.  The reason being Obama is apparently pro-choice when it comes to abortion (  This is a rather thorny topic for me.  I remember in high school when protesters would show up outside the school with graphic photos or displays.  It was disgusting, and I do not believe it was a good place for protesters to stage their demonstration.  Yes, I am sure teenagers facing an unexpected pregnancy probably make up a good portion of those who choose to abort, but there has to be better ways to get the point across than distressing teenagers as they approach the school.  Personally, I would never abort any child and I believe a person who does not want the baby should put the baby up for adoption instead.  But abortion should be available as an emergency option should something go wrong and the mother's life is danger.  But for a priest to go as far as demanding his church to do penance over their choice of a president? That is taking the argument too far.  Obama might be pro-choice and the President-elect, but he is just one man.  I doubt he will be able to make much of a difference in such a thorny issue.

The next article that caught me attention somewhat amused, then irritated me.  In Vermont, PETA has suggested that health insurance agencies should raise premiums for those who eat meat and lower premiums for vegetarians.  They argue that there are more health risks associated with eating meat than vegetables.  They point to several E. coli outbreaks linked to bad meat (  I almost laughed at this.  I guess PETA does not remember the outbreak which was linked to spinach.  My view is that anything properly cooked will not pose much risk of infection, be it meat or vegetables.  I also view a vegetarian diet as unhealthy and unnatural.  I would probably have some hard-core vegans disagree with me, but I do not really care for their opinions.  At least the agencies PETA approached in Vermont did not heed the suggestion.

The third and final article I will comment about in this post deals with the Nebraska safe haven law.  I am not sure why lawmakers did not see this coming when they left specific wording out of the law in regards to age limit of the child to be abandoned.  A girl ran away from a hospital when she learned of her mother's intention to abandon her and her younger brother (  This was a seventeen year old girl.  Almost a legal adult.  How are problems so bad at home that the mother could not hold on for another year or seek out help from someone else? Why drive across the country to abandon the children? Some would argue, "Do you know what it is like?" Yes! My younger brother put my family through hell most of my teenaged years and into the first part of my military career.  I wanted to jump on a plane from London to Seattle with the sole purpose of knocking some sense into him and then going back to my duty station.  He refused to obey my parents' rules (which were not strict by any means) and caused numerous problems at home, school, and where ever else he frequented.  My parents sought help from medical professionals and family members.  My mom's parents are among the few who reached out and helped us deal with him.  I do not want to think of how bad things could have gotten if they had not offered their help.  Anyway, enough of the rant.  My point is, I am glad the lawmakers are finally sitting down and changing the law, and I hope the children who were abandoned because their parents could not "cope" will receive the help they need to succeed in life.

More to come.

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