Eragon by Christopher Paolini

My brother and father are both fans of this book and the sequels.  This leads me to wonder why I had not read the book before now.  It has sat on my book shelf long enough to warrant surprise.  My brother even gave a surprised response when he learned last night that I was reading it for the first time.  He and I went to see the movie a couple years ago and I apparently discussed the differences between this book and the movie intelligently enough that he assumed I read the book.

Here is my first attempt at a review:

Eragon is a teenager on the verge of manhood when he discovers what he eventually realizes is a dragon's egg while hunting deer for his family.  While he tries to hide his young dragon from others, he is soon forced to flee what remains of his home and family.  Traveling with him is a mysterious storyteller named Brom, who takes an interest in training Eragon in how to survive.  Eragon will travel far as he strives to learn his place in the world where enemies may lurk in every shadow.

I really enjoyed the fast pace of this book, and I look forward to eventually reading the rest of the series.  Now that I have read the book, I can see why my younger brother was so disappointed in the movie.  The movie itself is a good fantasy movie and I enjoyed it for that.  There are far too many differences between it and the book for it to be truly enjoyed by fans of the book.

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