Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks

A new addition to the James Bond legacy, this book had a quick pace to it.  This would be expected of any James Bond movie or novel, I think, though I have not read any of Ian Fleming's original novels.  I should.  In fact, I have a couple in my collection of books somewhere, but have not yet gotten around to actually reading them.  I would probably have a better opinion of this book if I did.  After all, how can one accurately critique a character if they have not read the original author's works which introduce the character.

The book begins as James Bond awaits the end of his sabbatical.  He notices suspicious activity, which he later realizes is part of the investigation he is called to take part in, effectively ending his sabbatical early.  Bond is put on the trail of a Julius Gorner, who is suspected of planning something huge and quite destructive.  As found in the movies, Bond is eventually accompanied by a beautiful woman.  This woman is searching for her missing sister, who she believes is in Gorner's hands.  There are also plenty of twists, double agents, and death to keep the story interesting.

The setting is during the cold war.  I found it rather interesting to read about Bond's journey to Tehran.  Instead of calling the country Iran, most characters refer to it as Persia, which I suppose is an indication of the setting.  Certainly, things were not as tense between the United States and Iran as they are nowadays.

I found the book enjoyable, though I cannot really make an opinion about it in reference to Ian Fleming's original series until I have actually read the series.  That has been added on my to-do list.

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