New Surrender by Anberlin

Anberlin is one of the several bands Rob got me hooked onto.  I am not sure I would have found this band on my own.  I rely on the radio and other people to tell me about new bands and their albums.  Rob and I were driving around the other day and he started listening to this album and wondered out loud if another of our friends knew about it.

This album is Anberlin's fourth, and first under a major record label (Universal).  Apparently, the band was criticized by some for going with a major label.  One review made it sound like Anberlin was attaching themselves more to this fallen world.  I do not think so.  For one, I think more Christian singers and bands need to step out under major labels to spread their message to more people, not just those in the Christian community.

I think the album is very good, and I look forward to hearing more from Anberlin.  Perhaps, I will be able to track down the bonus tracks from specific editions of this album.  For now, though, I am pleased with this find.

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