Texts Out of the Blue

I got a couple text message yesterday morning.  When I was awakened by my cell phone beeping, I automatically assumed it was Rob sending me something random.  I almost rolled over and went back to sleep with the thought of checking the phone later.  For some reason, though, I did actually pick up the phone and was quite surprised to see that it was from a girl I had not talked to in months.  Specifically, she is the ex-wife of one of my friends.

I have not really had the desire to talk to her since their divorce, because of the reasons behind the divorce, along with some of the stuff Rob and I discovered, and are still discovering that she did.  I was afraid I would not be able to keep a civil and neutral tone with her.  I was afraid I would go on a long rant about how manipulative she was.

However, when I got the text messages, it was a simple request.  Had I talked to her ex recently? She had been trying to get a hold of him in to ask him for some information for her tax return.  Despite the reasons for our silence, I decided to answer.  Yes, I had recently talked to him, but not for a week or so.  If I was able to get a hold of him, I would let him know she was trying to reach him.  I later remembered that he was out of town and suggested that might be the reason he had not answered.

Chances were, and I confirmed this earlier, he was deliberately ignoring her.  He is still bitter about what happened, and I cannot really blame him.  However, I am kind of torn.  She was a friend at one point, and despite the obvious tension, there are still some good memories.  If she really needs help, I would probably do what I could to assist her, within reason of course.  Despite everything she has done, I cannot hold the grudge.  And it is wrong for me to.  Forgiveness is a key part of what I believe.  If I cannot forgive someone who has wronged me, how can I expect to be forgiven for the wrongs I have committed?

Luckily, she seemed content with my explanation earlier about him being out of town.  I am not sure what I will say if she contacts me again.  I will have to admit that he wants nothing to do with her.  It will be a simple and honest thing to admit, but not something I look forward to saying.

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I am an Air Force veteran. I served as a Security Forces troop for nearly seven years and reached the rank of Staff Sergeant before separating in 2008. My tours of duty were in England and Oklahoma. I live in the Seattle area, which is where I grew up. I used my GI Bill and earned a degree from the University of Washington. I currently work in downtown Seattle and experience all the adventure that comes with that.
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