Thoughts (Part Thirteen)

I like reading news articles about historical events, as does Rob.  This week, there have been three articles that I know of regarding the Civil War era.


It is nice to know something good may have come from Hurricane Ike.  A Civil War era shipwreck may have been discovered by crews working to clean up debris left by the destructive hurricane.  It is believed to be the Carolina, also known as the Caroline, which sunk after running aground during an attempt to pass through an Union blockade.  Rather than allow the ship to be captured, the crew set it afire.  If it is the Carolina, I wonder how much survived the fire and the time it has spent underwater hidden in the sand.


I think this is a neat discovery.  I wonder how many times over the years someone has tried to convince people that this engraving existed in Lincoln's watch.  The fact the watch is still around is pretty cool, too.  My dad likes to collect pocket watches, so this story will likely interest him.  Too bad there is not a picture of the front of the watch.  I think that would have made the article even more interesting.


Another Lincoln story.  I found the story about his pocket watch and sent it to Rob.  Rob mentioned this story, prompting me to look it up.  This picture was taken shortly before the assassination of President Lincoln.  Though it does not clearly show the people standing in front of the White House, it is believed the President Lincoln was among them, which would make this one of the last pictures taken of him before his death.  The height of one of the people, and the fact the person's beard can be seen makes it credible.

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  1. PeacefulWmn9 says:

    I read the story about Lincoln's watch…so interesting!

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