The Heir of Mistmantle by M.I. McAllister

After this post, I will be caught up in my book reviews.  Yay! I need to keep myself from getting too distracted again.  We will see how well that works.

King Crispin and Queen Cedar welcome the birth of their daughter, Catkin.  Soon after her naming ceremony, however, she disappears.  A nursemaid is believed to be behind the disappearance, and it soon becomes apparent that she suffered the loss of at least one child during Captain Husk's terror.  While the islanders are trying desperately to find the missing princess, a strange illness soon spreads across Mistmantle.  To make matters worse,  the early autumn is plagued by unending heat.

Fearful and tired islanders soon begin to grumble in discontent and rumors spread.  Among the most heard are rumors about Queen Cedar, because she is not originally from Mistmantle, and Captain Husk, who the frightened islanders believe may still be alive and the mastermind behind the princess' kidnapping.

As always, Urchin does his best to help King Crispin and Captain Padra.  Alongside him are his friends, the hedgehog named Needle and the priest's apprentice, Juniper.  While searching for the princess and the source of the island's illness, Juniper will finally discover his past and wish he had not.

I liked how this storyline echoed our society today.  In times of fear, people start spreading stories without caring how many they frighten or hurt.  These stories can get out of hand and cause a considerable amount of damage if not discovered in time.  It is one of the most frustrating things about our society, in my opinion.

Another fun read.  I managed to finish this book in one evening of reading.  It is a good book if I cannot put it down until I finish it.

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