Cemetery Dance by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston

I have been a fan of these two authors ever since I picked up their book "Brimstone".  It inspired me to go back and find some of their other books.  Specifically, I was interested in their books that included FBI Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast.  I thoroughly enjoy reading the agent's adventures and antics.

This book kind of surprised me when I first read the description.  It was fairly evident that one of their main characters would be killed off in the book.  He was in the first chapter.  I normally do not like it when main characters through the series are suddenly killed off.

Anyway, the character I am referring to is a reporter who has made appearances in several previous novels.  He and his wife are attacked one night by another resident of the building.  As the police begin their investigations, Agent Pendergast makes his appearance fairly quickly.  The reason why is quickly revealed after he shows the lead investigator a copy of the suspected killer's death certificate.  But eye witnesses and camera footage contradict the certificate.  So, Agent Pendergast teams up with the lead investigator and start going through the victim's recent past to uncover the motive behind his killing.

There were certain things in the book that were repeated from previous novels.  It made certain parts of the story predictable.  I did not mind too much, though, because I was more interested in the actual investigation.  Overall, I enjoyed the book and look forward to their next.

Now, I need to figure out which of the unfinished books I have started will be the next one I finish.  I can think of three books off the top of my head that I need to finish.  Unfortunately, I am not entirely sure where two of those books are.  That should prove interesting.

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