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Holiday Quilt (b)
Holiday Quilt (c)

My latest project is somewhat easier than others I have done.  The main reason is because it is actually several smaller projects in one.  Each quilt is separate.  Yes, on the same fabric, but they are not connected yet.  They will be by the backstitching later.

The first picture is the second quilt of the project.  It is to the left of the first quilt, which I posted a picture of a few weeks ago.  This one was tiring.  This was primarily because of all the white stitches in the border of the quilt.  Since this project is done on white cloth, it can be rather difficult to do white stitches when I am tired.  I had to take breaks from the project if I found myself making too many mistakes.

The second is by far my favorite of the five quilts this project will have, and is to the right of the other two.  I loved how the reds and pinks blended together.  I did not make many errors on this, either, which made things much easier, because I did not have to spend too much time pulling out stitches and redoing them.

Both of these quilts, and their companion quilt, are easier than other projects because of their repetition.  I do not have to pay as close attention to the chart and directions.  All I have to do is mirror how one side or section was stitched.  It saved time and made stitching much easier.

I may take a couple days off before starting the fourth quilt, which will be to the left of the first picture.  We shall see how long it takes me to motivate myself to keep going.

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