February Testing

Today was the monthly testing for Tae Kwon Do.  I coached a group of four blue belts.  Two of the them were fairly young and wanted to race through their forms.  The main reason this is a problem is because of two reasons.  One, it looks really sloppy.  Two, if one goes too fast they may end up confusing themself toward the end.  This happened with the youngest of the four I was coaching.  He kept pausing toward the end of his form and thinking for a few seconds before remembering where he was.  The older two took their forms nice and slow, making sure to emphasize each punch or kick.  I simply had to warn them not to pay too much attention to the younger two, so they would not get confused by their faster pace.  Luckily, the younger two slowed down to match pace with the older two.

The blue belts were out first, followed by the rest of the higher ranks (midnight blue, brown, and red).  This is because they need time to put their sparring gear on.  Mine did pretty good in front of the Master Instructors.  I was pleased.

Every testing, we have at least one child who will call our lead instructor "ma'am".  It can be rather annoying at times.  Last testing, one of my green belts did it, though he given the benefit of the doubt because I was out there calling him to a specific spot after his name was called.  This time, a girl yelled out "Yes, Ma'am!" at the top of her lungs.  Her coach was not a woman and the head master was the one who called her name.  It struck the audience as quite humorous.  My fellow instructors and I were laughing about it in the other room afterward.

Another problem we face each testing is when we hand out the boards that students will be breaking.  We size up each student and hand them a board we believe they will have no problem breaking.  We usually tell them to put the boards aside for the time being to prevent them from messing around and breaking the board.  Well, we did not tell them fast enough this time, because a yellow belt broke her board before we were even finished handing out boards to the rest of the students.  We let her sweat it out for several minutes before finally giving her another board.  Luckily, we usually have extra boards for that very reason.

All in all, only small issues.  It was a small testing and went pretty quickly.

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