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The final draft of our first paper for English was due today.  I am glad to turn that thing in.  It has been a burden for more than two weeks.  Good riddance!

Anyway, last Friday, the instructor was giving final directions on what she wanted or did not want to see in the paper.  Among these was the expected length of a paragraph.  She had just explained to us that if we had a paragraph taking up an entire page or more, we needed to consider putting in a paragraph break somewhere.  As soon as she finished this, a guy rose his hand.  I wonder how many other people groaned.  The instructor considered moving on, but changed her mind for some reason.  She allowed him to ask his question.  He asked, "Can you explain a paragraph break?" I kid you not.  I do not know how the instructor managed to keep a straight face.  I think I groaned aloud.  The instructor, to her credit, looked at him for a second before telling him she would discuss it with him after class.

I am still waiting for the results of the psychology test we had last week.  We might not get those back until Wednesday or Thursday.  The instructor for that class has two large classes.  The other class took their test the day before my class did, so their tests get graded first.  I am trying to be patient, but I really want to know how I did.

We had a color belt graduation on Saturday at my Tae Kwon Do school.  I coached the blue belts again.  I am noticing a trend.  I think I have coached that rank three months in a row.  This is mostly because there are always at least three blue belts, if all of them show up.  I do not really like coaching one or two students.  I am not sure why.  Anyway, the three blue belts I had Saturday knew their form fairly well.  One did not know the answers to the questions that would be asked by our head instructor, though.  I handed over one of the study packets we have floating around, but knew she would not have time to get all the information down before they went before our instructors.  I think she managed to get the first question and parts of the others down.  The blue belts go out first, though, and this was a few minutes before we started.  When the instructor asked why she did not know the questions, she said she did not have the time.  When this did not get any sympathy, the girl tried to blame her older sister, who was standing out there next to her.  The instructors really did not like that answer.  She is twelve.  That is old enough to be able to study on her own.  I managed to refrain from shaking my head, but only barely.  I had at least two people ask what the lecture was about when we got back into the other room.  Sigh.

Sunday was the day my family celebrated my brother's 23rd birthday, which is actually today.  In attendance were my parents, me, both my brothers (though we could not have the party without Nathan, the birthday boy), Nathan's girlfriend, and my mom's parents.  It was the first time my grandparents have seen Liz, so it was interesting.  I think things went well, but we do not really know for certain.  I suppose we will find out when Mom talks to her parents later on this week.

My grandmother seemed to float in and out of the conversation, as usual, which can be frustrating.  Normally when this happens, we can usually blame the fact that she is playing hostess because we are down at their house.  Not this time, though.  We would have to backtrack and remind her what we were talking about.  My grandmother also asked question she really should have known the answers to, and should have known said answers for some time.  Nothing new with those questions.  It was one of the better visits with her, though.  There is a diagnosis of her condition, but we have doubts as to whether we have been told the true diagnosis by my grandparents.  It remains to be seen, I suppose.  In the meantime, we try to be considerate and patient with her.  It is not easy.  I find myself constantly having to keep from rolling my eyes when she asks something.

But my brother seemed to enjoy most of his gifts and definitely enjoyed the pizza, cake, and ice cream.  We have plans for tonight at the Tae Kwon Do school, too.  I am not sure if Nathan is aware of them.  We shall see.

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