Another Studious Weekend

I have a test in Psychology on Monday, so I will be spending a fair amount of time studying tomorrow.  Not really looking forward to it, but it must be done.  I also have to do the first draft of the final paper in English.  Luckily, the weather has been fairly bipolar this past week, so I am not too bummed out by all the homework I will be doing tonight and tomorrow.

My grandparents' visit last weekend went better than previous visits.  My grandmother did ask me once again what degree I was pursuing, then realized she should have known the answer and tried to play it off.  I might have ignored it if it were the first time that had happened, but she does it nearly every visit.  She also got Nathan confused with Martin and asked Nathan if he had blown out all the candles on the birthday cake a few minutes before.  I am not sure how she missed that event.  She was right there.  Martin jumped in before Nathan had to say something and said that he had indeed blown out the candles.  She also asked Martin how old he was.  25.  She should have known that.  It was better than the previous weekend, though, when she insisted she had not been to her older great-grandson's previous birthday parties.  I wish Mom had reminded her that my cousin has posted pictures of my grandparents at the last birthday party for little Kelvin.  I am glad my grandmother has an appointment with a neurologist soon.  Maybe we will soon figure out just what we are dealing with.  I just hope my grandparents are a little more honest with everyone after this appointment.  They were telling an interesting tale earlier this year.  It is a sad situation, but I am trying to have patience.

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I am an Air Force veteran. I served as a Security Forces troop for nearly seven years and reached the rank of Staff Sergeant before separating in 2008. My tours of duty were in England and Oklahoma. I live in the Seattle area, which is where I grew up. I used my GI Bill and earned a degree from the University of Washington. I currently work in downtown Seattle and experience all the adventure that comes with that.
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