Birthday Events

As promised, here is an account of my birthday weekend.

Saturday was the monthly color belt graduation at my Tae Kwon Do school.  I coached the blue and yellow belts.  I do not usually like doubling up, but I did not have much choice.  We were short-handed, so most of the black belts doubled up on the ranks.  Thankfully, both of my groups were fairly well behaved.  I was happy.  It made things a lot easier.  There were only a couple problems.  My blue belts were pretty nervous when they went in front of the instructor, so they took their time going through their form.  I think it was better than them rushing through like I have seen students do in the past.  The instructor commented the students needed to know their forms so well that they could do them without thinking.  My yellow belts went back to their starting position after they finished their form, which is highly frowned upon.  Before the graduation started, the younger of my yellow belts did not know the answers to the questions she might be asked.  I was able to enlist the help of the older yellow belt, who made sure she not only studied but was able to raise her hand first for the question she did know the answer to.  It could have been worse, so I did not complain.  I also held boards for some of the students when they were preparing to break them.  One thing that was new was that I was asked to assist with presenting the new belts and certificates.  I goofed up toward the end.  I somehow got some of the brown belts mixed up.  This was obvious, because two of the belts were obviously much too short for the older students.  The head instructor went along with it and never said a word to me.  I did make sure the appropriate belts go to their correct owners afterward, though, so all ended well.

Yesterday, Mom and I went to a local quilt store and got some fabric for a quilt I hope to make.  I have not yet decided how I want to work with the fabric, but I have some ideas running through my head.  I will post more as I figure out what I want to do.

The panels are from Julie Paschkis' Folklorica collection.  I saw these at the quilt store a couple weeks ago and was enchanted by them.  They were out of stock at the time, but got more in.  I was quite pleased to see it and promptly got some.  Mom offered to buy some as my birthday present, and I was happy to let her.

The other fabric is also from the Folklorica collection.  I liked how they brought out the colors in the panels, so I think I will use them as borders.  I got enough of the blue to use as binding, too.  I really like how the blue looks.

After shopping for quilt fabric, Mom and I went to Applebee's for lunch.  While there, Mom watched our waitress suddenly steer very widely of the booth behind me.  Mom suspects the older man in that booth tried to grab the waitress.  He and his two friends got up and left soon after.  The waitress did not immediately return.  The manager brought us our appetizer and seemed very interested in that booth, though the trio who had been there were already gone.  Our waitress returned a few minutes later but approached cautiously until she saw for certain that the guy had left.  Mom wanted to assure her that we would not have allowed the guy to do anything, but figured the waitress was upset enough without us saying anything.  I think waitresses have a hard enough job without needing to worry about some intoxicated pervert trying to grab at them.  The rest of our lunch was uneventful.

Today, I went over my parents' house.  My brothers also came over and we enjoyed cake, ice cream, and pizza.  Martin got me a tiger counted cross-stitch kit.  Nathan got me a Starbucks gift card.  I was delighted to get both.  It was a good day.  ^_^

Oreos, chocolate pudding, whipped cream, and gummy worms made up my cake! Dirt cake.  Yum!

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