Another Chapter

Warning.  This is a rant, and one that has been building for a while.  Not a strongly worded rant, in my opinion, but a rant nonetheless.

My mom is resigning from her current job.  Her last day is sometime in mid-December.  She has been unhappy with the job for some time.  There are frequent reports, and she often finds that she is the only one who really knows how to do some of them.  This puts her in a difficult position, because she is trying to get the reports done on time, but also has to answer questions the other co-workers have about their parts.  One co-worker is notorious for asking dozens of questions each day.  In order for my mom to get any decent amount of work done, she often has to work late.

The last two weeks have been especially difficult.  Mom was not getting home until after midnight.  I commented to my dad one morning after I realized she had come home around 0200 and was up and back out the front door before 0700 that she was going to work herself to death.

Mom has been so upset about working conditions, lack of co-worker competence, and lack of supervisor support that she twice told us last week that she was considering walking off the job.

So, I was a little surprised when she came home tonight and told Dad and I that she had been asked to resign.  I asked why her supervisor thought she was the problem.  Mom had no answer for that, but said she would be curious to see how they do some of the yearend reports in a couple months without her.  I think some people are going to have a rude awakening.

Mom has the opportunity to look for work between now and that last day in December.  I hope she is able to find a decent position fairly quickly.  The economy worries me a little in that regard.  As long as the new job does not require her to work 16 hour days for nearly a month straight, then I will be happy.


About emeree

I am an Air Force veteran. I served as a Security Forces troop for nearly seven years and reached the rank of Staff Sergeant before separating in 2008. My tours of duty were in England and Oklahoma. I live in the Seattle area, which is where I grew up. I used my GI Bill and earned a degree from the University of Washington. I currently work in downtown Seattle and experience all the adventure that comes with that.
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