Snow Days and Thanksgiving

Well, it did snow.  About an inch of snow or so.  And that inch of snow shut everything down for the better part of three days.

I tried to drive to class on Monday.  There was enough snow on the ground that it was starting to cover the streets.  I made it a few blocks down the highway and realized that it was bumper to bumper traffic all the way.  It took half an hour to go those few blocks.  With more than four miles to go, I decided to turn around and go home.  Especially when I heard word of an accident shutting down all lanes of traffic lay far ahead, snarling traffic through there even more.

I e-mailed the two instructors I was supposed to see that morning.  I really did not need to.  The campus shut down at 1030.  If I had gotten to the campus on time for my first class, I would have sat through half of it before they told everyone to leave.

So, avoided the highway and interstate was in my best interest for the next few days.  No big deal, since I did not have school.  I did drive to Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing, though.  No major issues.  I scolded my younger brother for walking to Tae Kwon Do in the snowy conditions.  Three miles in the freezing cold is not fun, but he did it Monday, because his car does not handle the snow very well.  I told him to call me Tuesday and Wednesday when he needed a ride and I would take him.  He caught a little bit of teasing from the head instructor, but he was happy that he got a ride and did not have to worry about his car on the icy road.

Wednesday was Board Breaking Day at the dojang.  I took my brother up there around 1530 and helped set up the boards for purchase.  Then, I ended up helping hold boards most of the afternoon until my class came around.  The instructor still gave us an intense workout before we had a chance to break boards.  I used a hammer fist, knife hand strike, elbow strike, straight kick, side kick, and then broke five boards with the palm press.  I was pleased.  I had not been able to do that since I tested for my 3rd Degree in June.

Thanksgiving was nice.  My brothers came over.  It warmed up considerably and the snow and ice finally went away.  My grandparents came over.  My grandmother was a bit more lucid, it seems, but that might be because she was not asking as many questions.  She tried to play off the few that she did ask.  She asked me again where I was going and what I was pursuing.  She asked me what my cats’ names are.  Then she somehow mistook the butter spread for ice cream.  I was not in the room when she did it, but heard her say it.  Mom and I exchanged glances and Dad went out to investigate.  Luckily, nothing more than the comment had been done.

For dinner, we had turkey, grean beans, macaroni and cheese (which my grandfather loved and requested a container full of), salad, and rolls.  For dessert, we had four varieties of pie.  The lemon did not set well, so was put back in the fridge.  We still had apple, pumpkin, and chocolate.  Yum.  Good feast.

Friday, we went out a did a small amount of shopping.  Not at anywhere big, though.  We went to the dojang and got some stuff.  I needed new Kickboxing gloves.  My last pair grew legs and walked away a couple weeks ago.  I have been borrowing my dad’s extra pair since, but those are falling apart.  Problem solved.  Of course, I still need to break them in.  That should be fun.  I also got another Kickboxing t-shirt and another Tae Kwon Do uniform.  My brother and I teamed up to get Mom some pink weapons.  Our head instructor was more than happy to play along with the sneaking around.  My brother got her kamas, and I will be getting her nunchuku.  The nunchuku have not arrived yet, so I wait for those.

A friend came over in the afternoon to do a sales demo.  He gets paid for each house visit he makes, so we decided to help him out.  Mom did make a small purchase, so his trip was not a waste.  It was interesting.  He works for a cutlery business.  Their cutlery is very good, but also quite expensive.

Today, thus far, has been quite lazy.  I am enjoying it.


About emeree

I am an Air Force veteran. I served as a Security Forces troop for nearly seven years and reached the rank of Staff Sergeant before separating in 2008. My tours of duty were in England and Oklahoma. I live in the Seattle area, which is where I grew up. I used my GI Bill and earned a degree from the University of Washington. I currently work in downtown Seattle and experience all the adventure that comes with that.
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