The Midst

I sometimes wish there were more hours in a day. I have been wishing that a lot lately as I navigate through my first quarter at the University of Washington. All three of my classes require a good deal of reading, and with my other activities, I usually feel as though I am having to choose between classes. American Literature usually wins, because we actually discuss the readings in each class, and I prefer to not look like an idiot in front of my peers, because the instructor does randomly call on students to answer questions.

Another big time consumer is the commute to and from the university. I mostly rely on the bus, because the school’s bus pass is much cheaper than its parking permit. I do not mind taking the bus, though I did initially have some concerns. When I took the public bus as a teen, some of the people who I shared the ride with were of the sort I would normally avoid at all costs. The bus I take to and from class is different, thankfully. Either the others are fellow students or they work in the area. It is a safe atmosphere. My only issue is whether I will get a seat or I will have to stand while the bus hurtles down the interstate.

All in all, I am enjoying this new adventure at the University. Other things have come up that have acted as major stresses, but I have dealt with them as best I can for the time being.


About emeree

I am an Air Force veteran. I served as a Security Forces troop for nearly seven years and reached the rank of Staff Sergeant before separating in 2008. My tours of duty were in England and Oklahoma. I live in the Seattle area, which is where I grew up. I used my GI Bill and earned a degree from the University of Washington. I currently work in downtown Seattle and experience all the adventure that comes with that.
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