Busy Work

Since it is summer, we have a variety of events going on throughout Seattle.  The latest to have taken place is the Bite of Seattle, which just concluded.  Though my partner yesterday thought it would be relatively quiet, the public definitely surprised me with the sheer numbers of people that were wandering past our site, or parking in the garage below.  I had not seen the garage that packed before, and by early afternoon, I cringed every time I patrolled through there because of all the people trying to dodge each other and find parking and then get back up to the street.  Fortunately, aside from the amount of littering that occurred, everyone seemed to behave themselves during my shift.  I can only hope they continued that trend.

Last weekend was not as busy.  Instead, we had major computer issues that required us calling in extra people to help maintain security until we could get the issue fixed.  I generally do not have a problem meeting new colleagues.  I know not all my co-workers feel the same way.  Why? Because we have to train them on how the site operates.  Because the computers were not cooperating, this was made much more difficult.  I did my best, but it was difficult for me to predict what might happen during the shift.  Also, the people who were called in to assist varied in their interest to learn and ask questions.  Even when the person had been trained on the site, and had worked a number of shifts there, things still popped up.  And let us not forget the personality differences between colleagues.  Oy.  That does not touch the small stuff that kept us occupied, too.  Stuff that does not typically happen, but for some reason knew the computer system was acting up, so threw themselves happily into the mix just to further irritate us.

We have a new supervisor in the mix, too.  I do not know the circumstances behind her predecessor’s departure.  I pieced together the fact he was gone slowly.  I relieved a co-worker on an evening he does not usually work.  I would later learn this was because they called in the person who normally works that shift early to fill the gap in manning left by the supervisor’s departure.  I saw a new signature in our sign-in log.  Finally, I noted her name where his used to be at the desk.  Why did it take so long for me to notice? Because of the computer issues, then other things going on outside of work.  My partner that night was surprised, then annoyed that I was not aware of the change in personnel.  He grumbled something about the fact an e-mail should have been sent out about the change.  It was, eventually, but not until the end of last week.  Thus far, I like what I have heard about the new supervisor, though it is unknown when I will actually meet her due to our opposite schedules.  My one day shift is during the weekend, when she is not working.  The rest of the time, I work graveyard.  I do not expect her to come in that early, unless she wants to pick up some holiday hours.  So, I have to go by what our boss and the rest of my co-workers say.  So far, so good.

I do not mind staying busy, so long as it does not involve people causing trouble at the site.  We have had a number of small vandalism issues lately.  Someone poured bubble solution in one of the fountains and made a mess.  Fortunately, we caught it quickly and were able to prevent it from getting much worse.  Someone ripped flowers out of some pots we have outside and made a mess of the courtyard.  I am sure my co-worker was thrilled to clean that up.  A woman caused issues with my two graveyard partners the other night.  She came into the lobby and was harassing people who wandered through.  When told to leave, she claimed the site was public property and she had every right to be there.  When informed otherwise, she dared the guys to call the police on her.  She finally did leave when one took her up on the offer.  I cannot say I was disappointed to have missed that.

So, I am getting along well enough with my regular co-workers and taking things as they pop up.  I am loving this job.

Family News:

Dad has graduated from a walker to a cane.  Things at home are becoming more normal and routine, which means less stress in the house.

Mom does not think Grandma knew who she was when they last talked over the phone.  I would not be surprised.  I reminded her that Grandma had shown no recognition last time I went over to my grandparents’ house to assist with moving trash and recycling containers to their curb.  The only reason she did not panic is because Grandpa made it very clear that she should know me.

My brother, Martin has shaved his head.  Some people look good with a shaved head.  Martin does not.  I was too tired after work yesterday to harass him properly about it.  That is okay.  Nathan wandered over and made up for it.  So I hear, anyway.  I went to sleep for a few hours after I got home.  I woke up long enough at one point to hear Nathan’s departure.  Apparently, Dad had cooked burgers since both my brothers were over.  Nathan had even come down to tell me there was food ready.  I have no idea what my response was, because I do not have any recollection of him doing this.  Fortunately, they realized I must have been tired and left it alone, though I suspect there was some amusement when I admitted the lapse in memory.  This is what happens when I work weird hours.

And life goes on.


About emeree

I am an Air Force veteran. I served as a Security Forces troop for nearly seven years and reached the rank of Staff Sergeant before separating in 2008. My tours of duty were in England and Oklahoma. I live in the Seattle area, which is where I grew up. I used my GI Bill and earned a degree from the University of Washington. I currently work in downtown Seattle and experience all the adventure that comes with that.
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