Teeth, a Birthday, and Weird Kitties

My brother for weeks has been trying to find a place that will accept his dental insurance so he can get some dental problems addressed.  The biggest issue was an impacted wisdom tooth that abscessed, which damaged and abscessed the molar in front of it.  Yesterday, Mom worked from home so that she could drive him to and from the appointment to have those teeth removed.  I had a root canal done a few years ago.  The pain I was in beforehand was nearly unbearable at times, so I cannot really imagine how much worse his likely was.

My brother was not looking forward to this procedure and the dentist who extracted the teeth did not help much.  “You’re so tense.  It makes my job harder!” “These don’t even look like teeth anymore.  Why did you wait so long to come in?” I do not know anyone who does not have some sort of anxiety when they know they are going in to have teeth removed.  My brother’s biggest fear was over how much the procedure would hurt.  As I mentioned earlier, my brother would have liked to addressed the problem sooner, but he first had to find an insurance plan he could afford, and then find a dentist office which accepted said plan.  That took time.  Ugh.  I am grateful it has been taken care of.

Mom celebrated her birthday last week.  A couple days before, my immediate family had a pizza party for her.  My youngest brother outdid himself with his most recent rendition of “Happy Birthday”.  He sung in a silly, high-pitched voice that reduced the rest of us to hysterics.  Fortunately for him, he has two months to figure out what to do for our brother’s birthday.

Last weekend, a couple of Mom’s longtime friends and I took her out to lunch.  It was enjoyable.  It has been a few months since I last saw the friends, so it was nice to catch up with them.  I also enjoyed harassing one friend’s kitties when we all gathered at her house after lunch for presents and cake.  While we enjoyed each other’s company, I started a small cross-stitch ornament.  That is posted below.

Also within the last week, I had to take my car in a number of times to have the alternator addressed. From what they said, my car does not play well with some brands of alternators. This was proven when I kept having to go in and tell them the problem was not fixed. They eventually got one from the dealership and I have not had any trouble since. I also had some more routine things taken care of while I was there.

There was a black belt testing at my Tae Kwon Do school last weekend. I have not been attending classes regularly for some time, but I still went and cheered on a couple friends who were advancing to their next ranks. Since I worked the night before and the night of the testing, I opted to be an observer. I figured I did not want to explain to my partner or any other co-worker why my hand was bruised or scraped up again, since I almost always suffer an injury while holding boards for the younger candidates.

I am keeping a close eye on two kitties in the house.  Stealth seems to have made a full recovery from his recent urinary blockage, but we still want to be careful about that.  His fur continues to grow back and he bounds, leaps, and flies around the house as though he has to make up for the days he was not feeling well.  Colby somehow got his jaw stuck open last night.  I am not sure how he managed it, but I was able to help get it closed.  He has had no issue with meowing, yawning, eating, drinking, licking, or anything else since, and I cannot see or feel what might have caused it.  I have never seen a cat do that, but I will keep an eye on him to see if it happens again, or if any other symptoms present themselves.

I am not sure what is going around at work, but I warned a couple of my co-workers that I do not want it.  The most recent crud has laid a couple people out for days.  In the midst of all this, my partner and I are training a new co-worker on graveyard.  He is learning slowly.  I believe he learns best by actually doing things.  Until he actually does something, we have to explain to him how it gets done a number of times.

One thing that is amuses me at times is that there are co-workers who never see each other, because their shifts do no coincide.  The only times they do see one another is when someone is filling in for a co-worker, or if someone is late.  My partner and his day shift counterpart, who has been working on site for a few months now, met for the first time last week after another co-worker was late for their shift.  There are a couple officers on swing shift I rarely see for the same reason.  I have not met one of them, but they are still fairly new.

I seem to be more interested in smaller projects than either of my current large projects.  Here are the latest two I have finished:

Stripe Daisy

I decided to pull out some flower ornaments in honor of the spring-like weather we have had for some time. Minus the chilly downpour we had all day Sunday, of course. I do not see daisies until later in the year, and never this colorful. I enjoyed stitching this, though I had to go back and recount a few areas. Stripes are not as easy to stitch as one might think, apparently.

Tulip Quilt

Mom and her friends enjoy talking about quilting. Her birthday celebration over the weekend was no exception. Her friend even gave her a brochure for this year’s quilt shop hop, which is where quilting enthusiasts visit different shops in the area and get fabric samples and quilt block patterns. I think that is what inspired me to want to do “Tulip Quilt”. This is from the same brand as “Acorn Wreath”. I decided to try shorter lengths of thread when stitching this, which solved the problem of the thread tearing. Or maybe the quality of thread in this kit was better. Either way, I had no problems stitching this and am quite happy with how it turned out.


About emeree

I am an Air Force veteran. I served as a Security Forces troop for nearly seven years and reached the rank of Staff Sergeant before separating in 2008. My tours of duty were in England and Oklahoma. I live in the Seattle area, which is where I grew up. I used my GI Bill and earned a degree from the University of Washington. I currently work in downtown Seattle and experience all the adventure that comes with that.
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