Snow, Then Rain

It was predicted that it would snow last Monday and Tuesday.  I was hoping that meant I wouldn’t have to deal with it, since those are my nights off.  Heh.  How wrong I was.  It started snowing before I left home Sunday night.  There was a very light dusting on my car as I walked out of the house.  I wasn’t happy, but knew the roads were still decent enough for me to get to work without too much trouble.

I noticed something odd about other drivers in the snow.  Maybe it’s just me, though? When it rains, many drivers tend to slow down, even if it isn’t raining that hard.  But when it snows? It’s like a flip got switched and everyone is telling themselves, “Oh no! It’s snowing! I’ve got to get off the road as soon as possible!” They’re driving so much faster in snow than in rain.  It’s weird.  I’ll be going along at a speed a bit under what I typically do and drivers all around me are flying past me and spraying slush and whatever else at my windshields.  It makes for an interesting drive.

Anyway, the snow really started coming down early Monday morning.  All was quiet at work.  Mostly.  The people we do see out in this weather tend to be more out there than normal, though, so it can be interesting interacting with them.  As we watched the snow accumulate on the roads, my partner and I waited for the phone to ring.  Sure enough, it did a bit after 0500.  My partner’s relief called out, and then mine did, too.  Fortunately, our manager was able to get a couple of the swing shift people to come in early or on their time off.  We were very grateful.  Then our colleague on graveyard called out, which resulted in me going in on my night off for a few hours.  I wasn’t happy.

The snow had mostly stopped by then, but the roads around my home were very slick, which made for a white-knuckle drive that night.

Wednesday brought the pouring rain.  Due to the rain and melting snow, there was a great deal of water on the road.  Even the interstate wasn’t immune.  I think I hydroplaned no fewer than three times while I drove to work that night.  At one point, the car next to me and I both hit standing water while going down I-5.  The other driver struggled to keep control of their car while spraying my windshield with a horrendous amount of water, which made it almost impossible for me to see what I was doing as I struggled to keep my car from swerving into the lanes on either side.  Fortunately, we prevailed and I made it to work safely.

Still, I am looking forward to a couple of days off with little to no driving involved.

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via Daily Prompt: Recognize

I wish more people would recognize that their opinions or views are not the only way to see things, and that the other side has perfect valid opinions or views, too.  I am so tired of liberals being called “snowflakes” or “libtards”, and I am so tired of conservatives being called “Nazis” or “fascists”.  It’s ridiculous, and it’s tearing apart the U.S. more effectively than any politician could ever do on their own.  Knock it off! Please!

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via Daily Prompt: Scent

I really enjoy certain scents.  I love the scent of a guy’s shaving cream.  I have no idea why.  Recently, Mom got a three-pack of Trader Joe’s body butter.  She didn’t care for the wild pear and offered it to me.  I adore the scent.  I also like the smell of vanilla, flowers, and strawberries.  I love the smell of rain after a couple weeks of not having any (yes, that does happen in Seattle).  I also like the smell of fresh soil, wood chips, and pine.

There are other smells I don’t care much for.  I have two cats.  They produce a variety of scents that are on rare occasions strong enough to make me gag.  There is a person who I occasionally encounter at work.  I’m not sure what scent they use, but I can’t wait until they’ve left the building.  Other people just use too much a good scent and I happen to get into the elevator right after they’ve been in it, and it feels slightly suffocating.  I also don’t care for electrical smells.  I blame this last one on the refrigerator that went out a couple of years ago (right before Thanksgiving, of course).  I walked into the house after a long night at work and almost got knocked over by an electrical burning smell.  I couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from, though I narrowed it down to the kitchen, because everything seemed to be working fine.  No one else could smell it due to their colds.  It wasn’t until all the ice melted in the freezer and pooled all over the kitchen floor that everyone realized I had been right.  We managed to get a new refrigerator before the holiday, so it all turned out well, but I’ve been a bit wary of anything that smells electrical since.

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No Show

I was driving to work last week when I saw an odd glow in the sky off to my right.  I couldn’t think of where such light could be coming from until I saw the smoke plume that came with it.  Fire.  A big one.  An apartment complex less than two miles from where I live went up in flames.  I saw the flames from the road I was one, and a ladder truck fully extended and pouring water on the huge blaze.  It was horrifying to see.  Fortunately, I found out later, the building was under construction and not occupied.  Unfortunately, the complex next door was evacuated and later deemed uninhabitable due to heat and water damage.  Two firefighters were hurt, but were soon released from the hospital.  Some people who lived nearby lost power as the firefighters battled the blaze and tried to keep it from spreading to neighboring buildings.  My brother’s complex a block or so away was affected.  He later described walking out to his car the next morning and finding it covered in a layer of ash.  I believe it.  I could smell the smoke and such from my home when I returned the next morning.  They haven’t released a cause for the fire yet, but I really hope it wasn’t arson.

My boss has been excited for a week or more about a new co-worker who was to join our team.  I met this person briefly last week and they seemed to have a good head on their shoulders.  Then, the day they were supposed to start actually working without a trainer shadowing their every move, they failed to show.  My shift lead was not feeling well that morning, so I offered to let him go when my relief came in.  He was grateful.  I called a number of times in hopes of reaching the person and figuring out why they weren’t at work.  Nothing.  No answer.  No return calls.  Nothing.  Another co-worker was kind enough to come in on their day off to relieve me.  I was grateful.  I have no idea if my boss was able to get a hold of the new co-worker and find out what happened.  I’ll leave that to them, I guess.

My cat has been a royal pest the past few days, especially in the evenings.  I’m not sure why.  He’s been yowling and trying to get into rooms he has no business being in.  It doesn’t matter if I’m home, not home, if he’s been fed or watered, etc.  If someone goes to investigate the noise, he flees into my room.  Bratty kitty.

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via Daily Prompt: Yellow

In Seattle, my family and I joke about the strange yellow orb that appears in the sky on occasion during the rainy season.

I don’t particularly care for yellow.  I used to wear a yellow shirt as part of my uniform when I was a volunteer lifeguard during my teenaged years.  One of my school colors was yellow, too, so each year the sophomore class dressed in yellow to show school spirit at Homecoming.  I was happy when I was a junior and senior.  I much prefer purple and green to orange and yellow.

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via Daily Prompt: Ten

There are a few things that always come to mind whenever I think of ten.

First, and I’m not ashamed to say this, I think about the 10th Doctor from “Doctor Who”.  I’m a big fan of David Tennant, and I loved his role on the show.  I’m still sad that it had to end, but the show went on well without him, thankfully.  I still hope he’ll reprise the role again, though.  Also, I’m eagerly awaiting the 10th season (series?).

Then there’s always lists.  It seems as though many of the lists I see are Top 10 something or another.  Sure, some lists go higher than that, but I don’t usually read further than the 10th thing.

I lived off of a 10th St when I was stationed down in Oklahoma.

In counted cross-stitch, the charts are done in 10×10 squares.  I have at times stitched projects by one of those squares at a time, especially when I was first learning to stitch.


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via Daily Prompt: Devastation

Right now, when I think of the word devastation, I think about the severe weather that recently occurred in parts of the country and how many people have died.  There’s also the avalanche that occurred in Italy and how rescuers are hoping to find more survivors.

And then there’s some people I know who expect devastation to be the result of the Trump presidency.  I truly hope that doesn’t happen, but it seems as though some people want him to prove their point.  Why? That means bad things for everyone.  Why would anyone wish that on themselves or anyone else?

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